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At Paeonia, we not only delight you with the memorable and visually-delighting ‘boba’ experience, but we also serve you moments:  of love, friendship, enjoyment, and excitement. And every moment has it's flavor.

It began with a passion

Anh Pham - founder of Paeonia - experienced bubble tea for the first time during her teenage years growing up in her native Vietnam, and has been on a mission to create the best and most authentic drink in the UK ever since.

The beginning of Paeonia

Moving to the UK to study, Anh worked in the hospitality industry for a decade before realising her passion for bubble tea, leading her to open a premium bubble tea chain with plans to expand the brand across the south.

The name Paeonia is inspired by peonies – the pretty pink flower that originated in Asia, and now found across Europe and America. Known as the ‘queen of flowers’, peonies symbolise prosperity, good luck, love and honour.

What we do

When it comes to Bubble Tea, we like to think of ourselves as the experts. Our Taiwanese Teapresso Machine is not only a way to brew tea, but also an expression of Tea Drinking Culture. With the pressure adjusted to achieve the best infusion function, the Teapresso Machine changes the way tea is brewed and helps stabilise the quality of each cup.

Our ingredients

From the very beginning, we wanted to do things differently. We freshly cook tapioca pearls boba in small-batches, several times a day to ensure freshness and quality, and source our toppings – such as popping balls, jellies and beans – from Taiwan. We pride ourselves on only using the best tea leaves grown at team farms in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Bringing all these quality ingredients together, results in bubble tea that has better flavour, freshness and taste

Our menu

We offer milk sourced from local organic farms as well as stocking a wide selection of plant-based milk, ensuring we bring the tastiest and healthiest bubble tea options to customers. We’re dedicated to recreating the universal experience of tea drinking, offering an extensive menu of well-loved favourites (Speciality Milk Tea, Fruit Tea and Classic Milk Tea), lesser known flavours (Cheese Tea and Fluffy Milk Tea), and a selection of rotating specials. We also serve a range of organic hot tea, such as Phoenix Honey Orchid, Organic White Peony, Organic Jade Sword, Earl Grey and Camomile plus many more.

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What to drink

Our signature drink is cheese tea – a largely undiscovered bubble tea in the UK. Popular in Asia and the US, cheese tea has yet to find its way on bubble tea menus across the country… until now. Offering something deliciously unique, cheese tea is the name for cold tea (usually green, oolong or black tea, with or without milk) topped with a foamy layer of milk and cream cheese, and sprinkled with salt. The drink is sweet, like boba, but with a savoury finish. It’s bubble tea, reimagined. Come and try our tapioca sensations and let us know what you think!

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Located one minute walk from Windsor Castle and moments from Windsor Royal Station, our Instagrammable tea room is perfect for a long, leisurely visit with friends and family.

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